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Wigbold Real Estate is a customer-oriented and progressive, all-round real estate specialist from Curaçao. Active in the field of Sale and Purchase of Private and Commercial Real Estate.

Wigbold Real Estate assists clients in the sale of real estate, using knowledge and skills in a professional manner. We enjoy working with our clients and not just for them. Together, we strive for the highest achievable result. For this, you have come to the right place.

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“Sales support from A to Z.”

As a Sales Broker, we take worries out of your hands. With our experience and contacts, we strive to get the most out of your property. We know the market, represent your interests as a seller and negotiate for you to arrive at the best possible selling price. 

We guide the sales process with care and skill. Wigbold Real Estate has professional insight into the valuation, cadastral data and legal aspects. From the recording of a home or commercial property to the asking price advice; and from the purchase agreement to the transfer, we ensure results and are happy to be of service!


Preliminary Investigation

Before we come to view your home or commercial property, Wigbold Real Estate will first conduct a preliminary investigation. Information is sought online and through various sources: How is the property in the market? What are similar recently sold properties in the area? Furthermore, the current sales offer in the area is also reviewed and the market development is analysed.


Asking Price

Based on the preliminary research and an independent valuation, the right asking price can then be determined together with you. It is important here that the asking price is not set too low, leaving room for negotiation, but a price that is too high will deter potential buyers. Wigbold Real Estate will advise you on this.


Sales Strategy

A beautiful presentation of the property and a realistic asking price are the basis of a good sales strategy. Before a photo series of your property will be taken, we will advise you on tidying up, furnishings, the garden and any repairs or maintenance work, so that the property can be given the best possible exposure.



Wigbold Real Estate values the online presentation of our listings. The information here on our website and the promotion on our social media channels is our shop window. Through teasers, timing, and strategic social media promotions, we manage to reach a large audience of potential buyers.



If the promotion of the property has worked, there will be interested parties who want to view the property. Wigbold Real Estate will identify the serious buyers based on considered criteria and schedule a viewing appointment with them.



As soon as an offer is received, consultations will begin. Wigbold Real Estate also supports you in this phase and advises you on the next steps. We make agreements on the minimum amount you want to achieve and on which points you are prepared to meet the potential buyer.


Purchase agreement

After agreeing with a buyer, Wigbold Real Estate will draw up a purchase contract. If the sales contract includes 'Subject to Financing', the buyer may, within a set period, still abandon the purchase if obtaining the right mortgage proves impossible. If this is the case, we will restart promotion, viewings and negotiations until the right buyer is found.



After the buyer's mortgage application is accepted or the money for the payment on the other hand is guaranteed, we can go to the notary for the transfer. Before that, it is customary to inspect the house one more time together with Wigbold Real Estate and the buying party. This will check whether the house has been left as agreed. If everything is agreed, the deed of transfer will be signed at the notary and the financial settlement will take place.


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Sale of Real Estate on Curaçao

When selling real estate on Curaçao, it is interesting to focus not only on local buyers, but certainly also on international buyers, as the island is an attractive location for investors, expats, digital nomads and tourists. Leveraging marketing tools such as online platforms and social media will help us increase international interest and your sales opportunities. In addition, Wigbold Real Estate will help you overcome language and cultural barriers with international clients. We will help you obtain the right documentation and follow the legal procedures.

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