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Wigbold Real Estate's ambition is to be Curaçao's most customer-oriented and progressive, all-round real estate specialist. Active in the field of Purchase of Private & Commercial Real Estate.

Wigbold Real Estate aims to carefully guide clients in the purchase of real estate, using optimal knowledge and skills in a professional manner. Wigbold Real Estate strives to work with its clients and not only for them. Together, we seek the optimal achievable result.

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“Turn your house into a home!”

We assume that home is more than a dwelling or a house. Home is foundation, home is comfort, home is family. The search for such a home begins at Wigbold Real Estate. Our service and expertise go beyond finding a property or commercial space. We open doors and find a place where you feel at home. 

We know the Curaçao housing market, have the right contacts and make sure you get all the background information you need. We ensure results and are happy to serve you!



Before you can start looking for a home, it is wise to know what your financial options are. How much money could you borrow, what is the (over)value of your current home and what are the monthly charges? Wigbold Real Estate can help you find a mortgage advisor and knows the regulations regarding the percentages of possible financing and the necessary amount of your own money.



To then start looking for a house together starts with a good orientation. What are the housing wishes compared to the financial possibilities. Wigbold Real Estate can help you fill in these wishes as realistically as possible. This not only prevents counting during the search, but also helps you set an achievable goal.



If we have found potential properties within your search area, we can schedule viewings for you. Wigbold Real Estate can take the preliminary process off your hands and do the previews of potential homes for you, or we can go over the possibilities together. With us, you are in control of your involvement in the buying process.




As a buyer, you have a duty to investigate. If the choice has fallen on a particular property, it is expected that you as a buyer will examine the house carefully for hidden defects. As a purchasing agent, Wigbold Real Estate will help you with this. We take a neutral view and ask critical questions. We know the potential risks and what to look out for.




If you have chosen a property, we will make an offer on your behalf. Wigbold Real Estate knows the Curaçao property market well and can clearly assess whether this property is worth the asking price and whether you are willing and able to pay it. Besides the price, there are other matters that are important when bidding, such as the date of delivery, the resolutive conditions, the provision of movable property or the results of the architectural survey. We advise and represent your interests in these negotiations.



Purchase agreement

Once the buyer and seller have agreed on the price, completion date, resolutive conditions and any agreements on movable property, there is an agreement. The selling estate agent records the agreements made in the purchase agreement. Wigbold Real Estate goes through this purchase agreement with you to see whether all the details are correct and provides clarification where necessary, so that you, the buyer, know exactly what you are signing for.



Now that you have bought the property, the money needs to be arranged to pay the purchase price. Bear in mind, that if a mortgage still has to be taken out, a 10% deposit may already have to be deposited with the notary in the foreseeable future. Wigbold Real Estate will guide and advise you in this financing process as well. We have good contacts on Curaçao both with notaries and mortgage lenders.



Once the mortgage has been arranged, the reflection period has expired and any additional resolutive conditions do not apply, the purchase is final and the transfer can take place. 
Just before the transfer, we will inspect the house together again to make sure it is still in the agreed condition. You then pay the purchase price and other costs to the notary and sign the deed of transfer. The property is now in your name and registered with the Land Registry by the notary!


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Buying property on Curaçao

Buying a home in Curaçao is unique because of factors such as its cultural background and diversity. The island's Caribbean characteristics also make the Curaçao housing market unique. The weather, sun, sea, beaches and tourism make real estate here extra attractive to many buyers. Whether you are interested in investing or building your own dream, real estate on Curaçao is versatile and special. Wigbold Real Estate knows the market like no other and knows what is for sale.

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